How To Overcome A Bad Sign Of The Dream

How to Overcome a bad sign From a dream

If you dream of something that has a meaning and tafsir, meaning bad, can be bad for you and your family (like a dream dislodged teeth etc.), you are expected to do things as follows for of this:

First way:
Get closer to God, in accordance with the religion and beliefs of each of you.

Second way:
Take a broom of tally (it could also be a toothpick, small bamboo etc.).
Then cut or patahkan with your hands into a 7 (seven) rods, small, approximately 3 centimeters.
Provide a piece of paper or tissue.
Prepare salt, just a little.
Put the pieces into a seven rib broom and salt of yesteryear into tissue or paper.
Fold the paper and kuburkan into the ground (yards, your home page).
The sentence that you should say when it will bury/membenam paper (which contains 7 pieces of rib and salt broom) is the sentence that ask the Almighty to stay away from the bad consequences of your dreams.

Example sentence: O Lord. Take me and my family from the catastrophe. Will not grow/so, salt I’s Tomb. As well as my dreams which can be bad for we will not become a reality or will not happen. Amin. So one way of tackling the bad omen of the dream that you are experiencing. There is no need to panic, because the dream is just beginning the harbinger. Whether it happens or not, they all did on the will of God Almighty.