Meaning of Dream Being Sick

Dreams of being sick or being sick are not all dreams that mean bad. Of the many people who have experienced dreams, they are ill, thinking that this dream is a bad sign, but many also think that this dream is a very good sign. So if you experience a dream that was sick last night, read the detailed explanation that will be explained below.

The Meaning of Dreams Being Sick

If you dream of being sick, and try to find out the meanings or interpretations of dreams, please read below.

Meanings of dreams being sick
According to Javanese prima, interpretations, meanings and meanings of sick dreams are things that will come to you. These good things are very likely. Can be good luck, find a mate, or other good things. It is hoped that you keep remembering to thank and thank God the Almighty for every good thing you receive.

Meaning of a dream of toothache
A dream about toothache is the same as a previous dream. This dream is also a sign of a good thing. The difference is if the previous dream is still too general or general, then in the dream of toothache, a sign of good things is clearer. Dream of a tooth ache or toothache is a sign that you will get fortune and your health will be fine.

The meaning of dream child is sick
Dreaming a child is sick may be a nightmare for every parent on this earth. But don’t worry. The dream of a child being sick is a good sign. Dreaming of a child being sick can be interpreted and interpreted that your child gets good things in terms of his health. If at this time your child happens to be sick, this dream is a sign that your child will recover soon or be healthy again. Don’t forget to be grateful and thank God when your baby is healthy again.

That’s all Kitab 1001 Mimpi can tell you about the interpretation of the dreams being sick. Hopefully the information in this article can help you interpret your dreams.

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