History of Dreams Interpretation

History of Dreams Interpretaion

Everyone must have dreamed. For some people dreams are often regarded as the flower of sleep so that they are sometimes ignored. But for others, dreams are seen as signs or signs of an event, so dreams must be interpreted or interpreted by meaning. In ancient civilizations, dreams were always associated with the supernatural world. That is, it is the gods and evil spirits that appear in dreams. Beautiful and happy dreams are interpreted as the presence of gods or gods, while nightmares are considered as a sign of the presence of evil spirits or demons when sleeping.

The interpretations of the meaning of dreams begin to shift as Aristotle (384-322SM) expresses his views on dreams. According to Aristotle, dreams are a mental activity when a person sleeps. When sleeping, the senses can still catch stimuli from the outside. The stimulation is then enlarged through dreams. For example, when a person is cold, when he falls asleep he can dream of being in the sea of ​​snow.

After Aristotle’s death, interpretation, dream interpretation or dream meaning is growing. Popular enough are the views of Macrobius and Artemidorus. They divided the dream into two, namely:
1. Dreams related to the past and present. Here dreams are associated with bedtime events. For example, if while sleeping someone is holding back urination, then he might dream of being in the middle of a flood, and eventually will urinate when he falls asleep.
2. Dreams related to the future. In this case, the dream is interpreted as bringing a message about the events that will occur.

Dreams are divided into three, namely:
Oraculum, is a prophetic dream or dream that carries a message from God.
Visio, is a dream that predicts events that will occur in the future.
Somnium is a symbolic dream that should be interpreted or interpreted with meaning carefully.

In its development, interpretation, dream interpretation or meaning of the dream adjusts again to the conditions, habits, culture, and background of the community who believe in a meaning or symbolization of a particular dream. The interpretation or meaning of the dream is inherited by the ancestors and passed down through the centuries from generation to generation.

The solution to overcome the consequences of nightmares

If you dream of something that can be bad for you and your family (like a dream of dislodging teeth etc.) the following things to deal with: Take a broom stick (can also toothpicks, small bamboo etc.). Then cut or break with your hand into 7 (seven) sticks, small, about 3 centimeters. Provide a piece of paper or tissue. Prepare salt, just a little. Place the seventh piece of sticks and kitchen salt into tissue or paper. Fold the paper and bury it into the ground (yard, your yard). The sentence that you have to say when going to bury / immerse the paper (which contains 7 pieces of broom sticks and salt) is a sentence that asks the Almighty to be avoided from the bad consequences of your dreams.